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The Build-A-Blueprint Small-Group Experience

The Course and Online Community Starts August 15th, 2022!

For aspiring authors ready to turn their brilliant ideas into a flexible & robust blueprint that will lead them confidently to “The End.”


Heather Davis


Heather has a deep understanding of character motivation... and her opened-ended questions helped me resolve plot logic and come up with further plot points without lising the core of what I wanted to say... I made more progress during one video conference call than I had in the previous 18 months!
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Stuart Wakefield
Heather has a very patient and thoughtful style of mentoring. She really takes everything into consideration. She gets to know your story like it’s her own and shares in your excitement about all of the aspects of crafting, perfecting, and pitching. Book coaching helped me really understand the deeper connection to my story that I have, and how the characters are really tied to my experiences.
Dianna Berrian
Women's Fiction Writer

If you could write a solid (dare I say evocative and bad*ass) manuscript…

…would you give yourself the opportunity?

Or would you continue to…

🚫Compare your fledgling efforts to the published work of seasoned authors… and feel like you’ll never finish your novel in a way that makes you proud.

🚫Procrastinate like a pro… and tell yourself you’ll get back to writing tomorrow. Or, you know, maybe the next day

🚫Read book after book on the writing craft but feel completely lost and confused when you try to implement the “easy” advice. (Meanwhile, your scenes still fall flat.) 

🚫Feel defeated because you’ve been reading books your whole life so you should just know how to write and structure a great novel… right?


Luckily, you can avoid this rollercoaster of frustration and write your novel with confidence and a healthy dose of “Hell yes, I can do this!”

Inside this dynamic course and community

You’ll learn how to create a flexible blueprint for your novel so you can write an emotionally impactful, unputdownable story. 


Why do you need a certified book coach to help you blueprint your novel?

Heather Davis AA logo

Hey, I’m Heather!

I’m an Author Accelerator Certified Book Coach, and I love helping aspiring authors turn their brilliant ideas into brilliant manuscripts. It’s my jam! 

And I know something you don’t know. 

The solution to writing an incredible novel (that you’re incredibly proud of) is NOT another how-to book. 

And it’s NOT another writing conference. 

And it’s NOT just pounding away aimlessly on your keyboard until something brilliant drops onto the page (a thousand monkeys + infinite time + a typewriter = Shakespeare… am I right?).


You need to get intentional and cut through the “writing advice noise.”


You need a step-by-step method + access to a real mentor so you can learn how to structure a novel that knocks the slouch socks off readers. 


Why? Because writing is like building a house, you have to create a strong foundation and a sturdy frame before you paint the walls and put out knickknacks. 


(In this metaphor, the foundation and frame are the structural story elements (like arc of change and narrative drive) that readers don’t “see” when they read a book, and the paint and knickknacks are the clever words and punctuation. You know… the things that readers think draws them in!)


And, guess what? The Blueprint is the single best way to ensure the structural story elements are in place and ready to rock! 


Why is the Blueprint so helpful? Well, it allows you to look at your idea from a “distance” so you can see the forest… not just the trees. That way you never end up with a manuscript that stalls on page one, collapses right in the middle, or falls apart at the end. 


And, of course, so you don’t end up wasting years of your life on a novel that has deep structural weak spots that scare off readers and agents. 


Look, I’ve always had a knack for knowing a good story from a boring or confusing one (my nickname wasn’t “book snob” for nothin’!), but it wasn’t until many years later when I started mentoring with story coaches Lisa Cron (Wired for Story, Story Genius, Story or Die) and Jennie Nash (Blueprint for a Book, Blueprint for a Nonfiction Book, etc.) that I learned exactly why some stories resonate and compel dedicated fans to make Spotify playlists in their honor… and others feel as dull as stale melba toast. 


So, what did I do? Well, I combined my 10 years worth of teaching experience with Jennie Nash’s Kick*ass Blueprint to teach writers exactly how to craft a drool-worthy novel. 

4 Reasons Why You Want to Blueprint Your Novel NOW

1) Feel completely confident in where your novel is headed:

It sucks not knowing if your novel is headed in the right direction. It double sucks wondering if your novel has the right narrative drive and all-around oomph to engage readers and agents. But what if you could develop the ability to really see your work objectively and know exactly how to fix any problems? Guess what? You CAN. You can structure a novel that you KNOW is good. 


2) Make an impact on the world with your book:

Most writers want to leave behind a legacy, express how they feel about an issue, and (maybe just maybe) change the world a little with their novel. And right now? Yeah, this world needs changing. Now is the time to put your ideas out there and watch them spread.    

3) Seduce readers with your story:

You’ve seen all the TikTok videos with readers crying over their favorite novel, right? And you’ve heard all those Spotify playlists that readers make about that protagonist that they can’t stop thinking about? That could be your book. Enough said. 


4) Answer a literary agent’s prayers:

Literary agents aren’t trying to sabotage the dreams of hard-working writers. Not at all. Right now, there is a bored agent toiling away in an office (a lot of ‘em actually) reading yet another poorly written novel, wishing they could find a writer who gets it—a writer who knows how to write a novel that will resonate with publishers and readers. And you can be that writer by learning what agents are really looking for and how to write a manuscript that gives it to them (in spades!). 

Time to Get Clear and Confident on the Arc of Your Story So You Can FINALLY Finish Your Novel…


🎉 4 Comprehensive Writing Modules: 

Learn how to blueprint your novel without feeling stuck.  

🎉 Easy Step-by-Step Workbooks: 

Practice, practice, practice everything you learn in the Build-A-Blueprint Posse so you never feel lost. Some favorites include: 

🎉Twice monthly live Q&A Sessions: 

You’ll have great questions about the modules… and I’ll have expert answers to keep your writing moving in the right direction! 

🎉 Twice monthly live Hot Seat Sessions: 

Want feedback on your Blueprint to make sure you’re applying the lessons the RIGHT way? Excellent! You can have your work edited LIVE (by Heather) in one of our SUPER helpful Hot Seat Sessions.

🎉 Exclusive Facebook Group: 

It’s not a proper posse without a great place to hang out and share wins, find a writing pal, and ask questions, right? Right. So each cohort gets their own! And the best part? The Facebook group is PERMANENT… so you never have to lose track of the writers on this journey with you.

🎉 Your Entire Blueprint Edited by a Certified Book Coach

Yup, that’s right! I will personally edit your entire blueprint. That means my eyes (and mind) will be on every word you write.

🎉 A Private 60-Minute Coaching Call with Heather.

The value here is astronomical. Once I have edited your blueprint and given you my comments and suggestions, you will get a private Zoom call with me to go over everything, ask questions, and brainstorm. 




Developing Your Writing Voice, How to Implement Show & Tell Storytelling, Developing Backstory and Meaning, Uncovering your protagonist’s Misbeliefs/Goals/Wants/Needs. 

🎉 The 7-Step Guide to an Unputdownable First Chapter

First chapters have a big job to do for your novel—they must be absolutely spectacular so readers, well… keep reading. Use this 7-Step Guide to get clear on EXACTLY what you should be including (and editing out) of your opening chapter to make sure your reader makes it to chapter two! 

🎉 How to (Confidently) Write Protagonists from Marginalized and Diverse Backgrounds (a Guide)

Writing a protagonist that isn’t exactly like you can feel intimidating because it’s dangerous territory. (Books like American Dirt and The Help have taught us that much.) So how can you venture out of your comfort zone while being 100% sure your prose is authentic and respective? Start with this help guide to get clear on exactly what to do (and what NOT to do!).

Ready to be one of the rockstars inside of the Build-A-Blueprint Small Group Experience?


*Spots are Limited to 4 WRITERS because I want this to be a super intimate group! 

One-time payment of $995 

Frequently Asked Questions!

❓ How long will this program take?

This small-group experience is super cozy and high-touch and lasts for 2 incredible, learning-packed months! Since there’s so much juicy information included, one comprehensive module will drop every two weeks to give you plenty of time to dive into the lessons and complete your work so you can feel 100% ready for the live calls.  


❓ Is there anything included in this program besides the Blueprint itself?

Oh, wow, wow, wow… YES! We deep dive into story structure from top to bottom. Some of my favorite topics are: Developing Your Writing Voice, How to Implement Show & Tell Storytelling, Developing Backstory and Meaning, Uncovering your protagonist’s Misbeliefs/Goals/Wants/Needs.  


❓ How are the lessons delivered?

I have created one or more video lessons (with mp3 versions if you prefer to listen) for each module. Each module also has a follow along workbook that gives you examples and guides you through how to implement the lesson like a pro. 


❓ Will I have access to Heather and her writing/editing advice?

Yep! Absolutely! Each month I will host 4 live Zoom calls for the our group! You will have the opportunity to ask questions live PLUS you will have an opportunity to sign up for Hot Seat editing of your work! 


❓ Will my Blueprint be critiqued along the way?

Oh, heck yes! You will have the opportunity to sign up for Hot Seat editing twice each month. So you will have the opportunity to get my eyes on your Blueprint as you work through the process! 


❓ Do I have to come to all the calls?

Nope. They will all be recorded. However, I HIGHLY suggest you attend the calls because this is where the magic happens. This is where you hear me answer questions and see the editing happen live. I cannot say enough incredible things about this opportunity. This is what makes my program SO DIFFERENT from writing conferences and How-To books. 


❓ Can I skip around in the modules?

I definitely suggest you follow along, module by module, without skipping any. Why? If you skip around, you might miss something pivotal and end up wasting a lot of time writing pages that don’t actually work for one reason or another. So, my advice is to start at the beginning. This is not a race, my friends!


❓ Will Heather review my entire blueprint?

I absolutely will! At the end of the course, each writer will submit their full blueprint for editorial evaluation. I will leave in-line comments throughout your entire blueprint AND provide you with an editorial letter with my suggestions. After that, we will schedule our private Zoom session and chat about your Blueprint and any next steps. 



The most profound way you can guarantee your novel is well structured and has a (and improve your chances of landing loyal fans, an agent, and a publishing deal) is by having an industry insider as your mentor…

Because you’re a passionate writer. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t. But being stuck in the I-don’t-know-if-this-novel-is-agent-ready! and the Does-this-novel-even-have-a-structure? keeps you from writing a book worth reading

And all the “expert” plotting advice on the internet doesn’t help. 

At best it’s incomplete, and at worst it’s blatantly incorrect. 


That’s why robust writer-centered modules paired with expert mentorship is always best. You’ll learn exactly what readers and agents want in a story, and I’ll be there to make sure you fully understand how to apply the lessons to your novel.  


Which leaves you with 3 choices…

🚫 You can continue scraping together bits and pieces from different writing websites and hope you cobble it together the right way.

🚫 You can invest thousands of dollars to hire a developmental editor who will highlight the major structure issues with your manuscript without ever teaching you how to avoid those same problems in your next novel.  

🎉 OR… you can follow the simple, step-by-step, proven path that teaches you exactly how to structure a novel that will leave readers satisfied and ready for more. 

So, if you want a solid, agent-ready manuscript this year… then maybe Option 3 is calling to you. 

Yes? Then I’d LOVE to give you and the system, community, and mentorship necessary to Blueprint your novel. 

I can’t wait to help you make it happen! 

Your Group is Waiting… Are You Ready to Jump Aboard the Build-A-Blueprint Train? 


*Seats are Limited to 4 WRITERS because I want this to be a super intimate group! 

One-time payment of $995 

I love Heather’s enthusiasm for what she's doing. She immediately understood my creative process. I believe she adapts her coaching to include the way you work as an individual. She does not get impatient if you struggle with a concept. All the advice she has given has been spot on and has helped me improve.
old woman writer
Cynthia M.
Fantasy Writer