Why Does the Kreative Authorpreneur Exist?

Hi, I’m Heather! I believe that books about protagonists from underrepresented communities (LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, people with disabilities, people who are neurodivergent, etc.) have the power to change the world. 



Heather Davis and AA

They do this by altering the discussion, building awareness, opening minds and hearts, building self-esteem, and leveraging the innate (and powerful) connection between all people.

However, to do any of these aspirational things, writers must first create books that ring with clarity, purpose, and superb authenticity


That’s where I come in! 


I help writers get the story out of their head and onto the page in a way that grabs readers by the emotions and refuses to let them go.


So, in short, the Kreative Authorpreneur exists to support, encourage, and empower writers who are determined to make sure that stories about diverse protagonists are as common as stories about superheroes.