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POC Woman sitting as a laptop smiling. She looks successful.Hello, my writer friends! I hope you are having fun looking around my website and getting familiar with the services I offer! Also, I hope that you begin to feel like you’ve “found your tribe.”

I know being a writer (i.e., author, digital marketing expert, and one-person show) is difficult, but my goal is to help make things easier. I share my skills and experience with you in a way that is easy to digest and simple to implement!

There are lots of great resources on here, so please keep exploring! For instance, you can learn how to build an author platform, and you can also learn more about my book coaching services

I also offer this helpful blog that includes discussions of the following topics: grammar/usage issues, digital marketing, outlining a novel, developing believable characters and backstory, writing scenes, and so much more! In essence, what I really want to do with this blog is have a place to put all of the tips and tricks and knowledge about writing and publishing that don’t fit elsewhere but still have incredible value.  

Please check out my posts, and let me know if there’s a specific topic you would like to read about! 

And remember: becoming an Authorpreneur is about building habits and working toward your goals every day—even the days you feel like you’re getting nowhere. In reality, feelings come and go, but if you work at this consistently, you are making progress, and you will find success. 

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Lie and Lay and Lain, Oh My!

Understanding When to Use Lie, Lay, Laid, and Lain Okay, let’s be honest. We’ve all had to look up the difference between lie, lay, laid, and lain at least once or twice. Maybe that quick review really sorted things out for you, and now you’re a “lie, lay, laid, lain” aficionado… but, then again… maybe

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